24 Volt Rechargeable Disney Princess Carriage

This is an absolutely beautiful, horseless carriage, made for a princess.

Retail price:  $400-$500

Be prepared for assembling this vehicle, because this is at least a two person job, or maybe one person if you are really good at assembling things. Rumor has it, the curtains are the hardest part to assemble, but on a good note, it does not take long to put together.

2 AAA batteries are needed for the steering wheel horn, and 8 AAA batteries are needed for the lanterns.  The maximum weight allowed in the carriage is 130 pounds, so it would definitely be too big for me.  There is no key to operate the carriage, just a princess wand that you place in a hole in the front near the wheel and it allows the carriage to run.

This is a huge item, and it takes two people to lift it out of the box.  Make sure all the pieces are there, and none of them are broken.  This is not an off-road vehicle, as parts may fly off if handled over rough terrain, so we`re basically saying it`s not the sturdiest toy.  The battery needs 18 hours for the first full charge, and this carriage drives pretty fast.

Just one thing, beware of taking the foot off the gas, because the carriage will come to a sudden stop. This will force your child into the dash, so always make sure she is wearing her seat belt…The same goes for the passenger.  This thing has two speeds…Normal, and Lightning speed.

If you find any problems when you purchase this toy, return it right away to the store, or online retailer you bought it from, because the manufacturer apparently does not refund or replace any broken parts. If you bought this through a retailer,  GO FOR THE EXTENDED WARRANTY.


Take care, be safe.