Angry Birds Game, Toys, and More!


We’ll start with the top dog, (I mean bird,) named Red, who lives on an island full of happy birds.  He, is obviously not very happy, but cynical in nature.  The other birds are Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, the Pigs, Mighty Eagle, Terrence, The Blues, Stella, and the Hatchlings.  They are all unique characters in their own right and possess special qualities.

Angry Birds have been around for quite some time, and are still going strong.



For those of you with and Android device, such as a phone, tablet, or Iphone/IPad,  Angry Birds 2 is free to play, with optional in-game purchases.  Well, the publishers have to make money somehow!

You start out by firing Red from a slingshot into a platform, and your object is to knock out the Pigs.  Clear the levels, receive in-game cards, and daily gifts.  The object of the game is to clear the levels and get as many points is possible.  The graphics are excellent for this game, and I give it 5 stars.

There are many more angry birds games, such as Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Space, and so on…


Angry Birds Sling and Smash Track Set: 

Red slings across the slide and smashes into the piggies!

*It comes slingshot, track slide,  Red,  and only one piggy,  Pig City.



The Angry Birds Movie LEGO Playsets


King Pig’s Castle

Description & Features:

 King Pig has eggs hidden at the top of his castle and it’s time for RED and Mighty Eagle to get them back. Use the slingshot catapult to launch RED at the castle’s target zones to collapse the castle, then you can sift through the ruins to find the eggs.

This is based off the Angry Birds movie and includes 5 figures.  (RED, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig, and Foreman Pig.)

Retail Price: ($85 USD +).

More details here:


Angry Birds Piggy Pirate Ship

Description & Features:

Use the catapult to launch Red and Bomb from the jetty onto the ship.  The ship features moving oars, turning paddle, winch for the boulder anchor.  The goal is to retrieve all the eggs from the piggies.

Includes 4 figures: Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig, and Leonard.

Push the ship to activate the rowing oars and paddle wheel. Open the lower window to reveal hidden TNT.

See further details here:  Angry Birds piggy-pirate-ship



Other smaller playsets from LEGO are:   Bird Island Egg Heist, Piggy Plane Attack, and Piggy Car Escape.

Product details and features are found on the LEGO website here:

For the figurines, don’t even bother looking on Amazon. They are WAY over priced, just go on the Wal-Mart or Toys R US sites. The figurines are made out of vinyl and here are a couple of examples…





Trust me…Watch the Angry Birds movie trailer by clicking the website link below.  This is really funny!

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