The Biggest Building Block Sets Ever



I could have said, “LEGO” sets,  but lets be fair…some of us are on a budget.

There is a buzz going around about the new Millennium Falcon Set, which takes up a good chunk of your coffee table.




According to several blog posts, the Ultimate Collectors Series, Millennium Falcon  edition, is  7,541 pieces.  It has 1619 more pieces than the Taj Mahal  If you are pretty fast with building blocks, then I guess you might assemble 300 blocks/day…maybe even more.  Give or take,  it will take 25 days to complete, or at least a month on a part-time schedule.

The base price for this set is around $800 USD, so about average these days for a Christmas gift.


If you are a true collector, and you want all-out detail, then you want to shell out a ton of money for the 10,000 piece set.




7,541 piece set in a box:




Just to paraphrase from another blog…


It’s very detailed with  deflector dishes that can be swapped,  and is an accurate model like the Millennium Falcon in the movies.

The set also comes with 8 mini-figures.  These figures hold value on their own.  They are: Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, C3P0, Rey, Finn, BB-8,  Old Han.   The original Han and Leia figures have air respirators on the opposite side of their heads which are shown when the heads are turned around.  The scene form Empire Strikes Back is recreated when the Mynocs attack.



The set includes 2 Pogs, which you can build, and a buildable Myncok.

Here is a picture of the Mynock:


So, if you are rich enough to shell out $800 for your kids birthday, or this might be “your” hobby, then the Falcon is right for you…

otherwise, you will have to find a cheaper playset (you may be able to order one from Malaysia when the price is announced.)

These are the radar dishes that you can swap (to go from the old trilogy style, to the new trilogy style).  The new dish is the picture on the left.


The Star Wars toy line alone will ruin my finances for at least a year.  I walked into a local flea market, and I was very pleased to see a vendor selling LEGO toys only.   I saw all the nice price tags on the boxes ($100 +), and the mini-figures alone ranged from $2.00-$25.00   Really?   A little figurine with very little detail, and hardly any articulation is going for $25.00   I was beginning to feel sick.


Lego Stormtrooper (Sandtrooper) $9.50


People build dioramas, or simply recreate movie scenes,  so I understand the need for LEGO miniatures alone.  I looked over the vendors shoulder, and noticed his display case contained pirate ships.  These were the duplo brand, which are built with thousands of bricks, and is significantly cheaper in price than LEGO.


Here is one cool ship that caught my attention:



It’s the big pirate ship.  The cannons are spring loaded…You load up the cannon with the cannon ball on a stick, and you press a button on the back of the cannon to shoot out the cannon ball.  I played with this, because my friend owns one of these.


Here is a better picture to show the scale of the toy:



The ship comes with several figures, and is for the younger builders.  The Star Wars sets are more detailed, and very much like models.  The price tag on these sets depends on the detail and scale involved.  If you want a collectors piece, then you are going to pay more for it.


LEGO, did sell some other big sets, such as the Harry Potter, Hogwarts Castle, but the Millennium Falcon 2017 Ultimate Collectors Edition, is definitely the biggest so far…