The Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure


My most coveted toy as a 5 year old.


As a child, I missed out on these big action figures.  I’m talking about Kenner’s, 6 Million Dollar Man.  I saw other boys playing with them , but I didn’t have one due to the toy being two years out of production. Regardless of this setback, I still got to play with some kid’s action figure at school when he wasn’t looking.


The action figure itself, was no ordinary action figure.  It had a bionic eye and skin you can roll back on his arm to reveal bionic modules.  Here is an ad from the 1970’s.



There were accessories plus different outfits he could wear.  When the toy was introduced, it came in a pink box and it was 13 inches tall…much taller than most action figures at the time.  There were 3 editions: The first edition comes with an engine block…

In the second edition, he had a bionic grip;  and in the third edition, he had a Bionic Sonic arm.

You could see through a lens by looking through the back of his head, through to his bionic eye.

If you were to be able to get your hands on a vintage toy like this one, the fabric may easily tear, or already have holes in it.  There are reproduction outfits available on the internet, but make sure you are not getting something cheap.

There was also the rocket and repair station which may still be available on the market.  Keep an eye out for these collectibles also.

Colonel Steve Austin also had a space suit, purchased separately.



There were other popular collectibles introduced soon after such as the Sasquatch, Oscar Goldman, Maskatron, Fembot, Bionic Woman.





Toy Restoration Video: (Credit goes to Toy-Polloi)



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