More Crazy Budget Games Too Good To Forget


Pop! the Pig  (See pic above!)

The object of the game is to pop the pig’s belt buckle by allowing his tummy to get real big…This happens when you feed him hamburgers.  There are 4 different hamburger (cheese burger) colors, and the bottom buns will have a number on them.  The number will tell you how many times you have to press down on the pig’s head after you put the burger in his mouth.

This is a recommended 2 player game, and each player gets to roll the die that comes with the game… The die is color coded to match the color of the burger.  There is one side of the die that is multi-colored which will allow you to choose a random colored burger.  Pick the burger, and it will tell you how many times to press down on his head.

You will see his belly expand and his belt ready to unbuckle.

If you pop the pig, you either won or lost the game…You set the rules.

Open up the hatch in the pig’s back to remove the burgers.

Let’s Go Fishin’ by Pressman

An oldie but a goodie.


For 1-4 players.  Each player takes a pole with a piece of bait at the end of the line.

Each fish’s mouth opens and closes as the turntable rotates…While this happens, each player will lower their fishing pole with the bait at the end, and hook it into the mouth of the fish and catching it.  All the players in the game must try to catch all the fish at the same time.

Whoever gets the most fish, wins!

You need 1, C battery for the game, but it’s not included.


Hilarious, vulgar entertainment, but teaches your child early on about cleaning up after his/her dog.




Family game:  each player rolls a die to determine how many times you should squeeze the trigger on the leash.  The trigger pushes the dog poop through a tube and out of the back end of the dog. The poop is a green gel, which almost glows from the look of it.  The green poop is fed through his mouth, and shoved down the dog’s throat with a plastic ram-rod. (yellow bone)

Each player takes a turn at rolling the die, which tells how many times the player has to squeeze the trigger. This is done until the poop comes out the back end…Just be ready to catch it with your shovel!


The long, wiener-shaped dog makes weird noises when you push the poop through his body, so beware.


Tip: Don’t feed the dog too much of the green stuff all at once, or else his poop will be too big coming out the back end. It will get stuck, and just hang there. (Ewwwwwwwwww….)


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