You will go bonkers playing this crazy game


While on vacation and visiting some friends, I was fortunate enough to play a few old board games.   One of these games stood out like a sore thumb.  It was exactly the opposite of Monopoly, where you start off with a lot of money, and the object of the game is to be the first person to lose it all.

The game is called, MAD, which is based on the monthly satire magazine.  As you roll the dice to move your pawn counter-clockwise on the board, you can only roll with your left hand. If someone catches you rolling the dice with your right hand,  you will be further penalized, and ordered to add an amount of money from the bank to your pile.



Imagine landing on a spot on the board, and the card tells you and your friends to stand up from your seats and move over to the next seat to the right of you.

The board isn’t perfectly square like Monopoly, so one side will have 11 squares, and the other side will have 10.

If you land on Tough Luck,  you will unfortunately add the cash from that space to your own pile.

The game is 2-4 players, and it can take almost forever to play with the (swap your cash pile with any player) card.  To make this a short game, I would leave those cards out of the deck.

Are you interested in something as wacky as this game?   You can still buy a cheap copy of it on EBay, which makes it available worldwide.



Another fun game I played, was called HEDBANDZ.   It is very much a version of Charades where up to 5 players wear blue plastic head bands, and there is a card holder where you must place a picture card in it for everyone to see.  You are not not allowed to see the picture on the card.



The game also comes with an hourglass timer which give you only so much time to guess what the picture is.  Whoever guesses the most pictures correctly on time, wins!

Each player picks a card from the picture pile, face down and places it in the card holder of the headband.  This is recommended when the headband is already fixed to their head.

I would suggest a maximum of 3 pictures correctly, otherwise the game will take forever to complete.

Make sure your opponent cannot see their reflection off a Television or computer monitor,  where they can see their picture on the headband.