Fidget Spinners and Fidget Cubes


For those people who like clicking on ball point pen triggers, hear ticking of a socket wrench when you turn it, or simply pressing buttons, then a fidget spinner or fidget cube is great for people who have a tendency to “fidget.”   These can also be considered stress relieving tools when dealing with anxiety, ADHD, and Autism.

However, some schools have banned these.  Children and adults don’t seem deterred from purchasing these toys,  because the spinners and cubes are still popular despite the bad press.

I asked a toy store employee if there were any spinners or cubes, and he said “Sorry, sold out.”   That’s how popular this is, and I would like to at least get 2 spinners to perform tricks with them.    The spinners have bearings inside them, which allow them to spin in both directions, and can spin for more than 3 minutes.  Some can even spin for up to 12-13 minutes.  There are all kinds of spinners on the market,  and the price will go up with LED lights, and other cool effects.

The Fidget Cube is equally as cool, which has 5 buttons on one side, a joy stick on another, and a switch on another.  You can also customize it by putting your own logo on one side.  In the picture below, you can see a moveable track ball, and rotating dials.

Simply go to to see the different cubes, and features offered.


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