Fisher Price’s Think and Learn


A must have for all moms and dads: The code-a-pillar is another great toy for very young children to gain logic and coding skills. What we mean by “coding,” is putting the pieces of a caterpillar together in sequence so it can go in the direction you want it to.  Create an obstacle course for the caterpillar to go through, and set a destination to reach.  Your pre-schooler will develop problem solving skills, as he or she will have to figure out how to make the caterpillar get to where it’s supposed to go.   If the caterpillar takes a wrong turn, then some of the parts will have to be switched around to get the sequence right.

There are green and red coasters which can be placed on your floor to indicate where the code-a-pillar will start it’s journey, and where it will end.

Each segment of the code-a-pillar has a light indicator on top of it, showing which way the robot will turn.  One segment is to turn the code-a-pillar on and off, and another segment is for sound.  The segments have a simple USB connector on each end, and when the power button is hit, it will take a few seconds until you see it move.  The eyes light up in the same color as the next segment that’s active.   This toy moves on carpets or hard, flat surfaces.  Your child will have a blast while listening to some cool music.



And here is another Fisher-Price companion toy: The Think and Learn Smart Scan Color Chameleon.  Yes, this toy has a long name, but the toy itself is small enough to hold in one hand.  The chameleon holds a paintbrush;  When you touch one of the numbered color splats, the chameleon will turn the same color as the splat.  The chameleon will also ask your pre-schooler where a certain colored splat is, and what number it is.  This is a great educational toy, teaching color recognition, numbers, and counting.











Also, The Think and Learn Spell & Speak Sea Turtle:  The turtle will instruct you which buttons to push, and the buttons will light up in response,  and sometimes you will hear a tune when the button is pressed.  The turtle will instruct you to press it’s flippers as fast as you can, and on the screen between the flippers, you will see a little man dancing. There are different learning modes, such as learning letters. There is a switch on the right hand of the turtle that allows you to change the learning modes.