Fraggle Rock Vintage Toys and DVD all Seasons


I’m a rebel, and I’m going to post whatever my carefree cranium decides to dream up.   Do you remember that show Fraggle Rock?

I know,  it’s an old show.  It dates me back to the time of the dinosaurs, but for those of you who aren’t in the know: The show was made by Jim Henson, who also made the Muppets.


Here’s a clip from the show:


As cute as they were, they were also very popular.  Back in the 80’s people could collect a Fraggle Rock toy from a McDonald’s happy meal.  The figures would ride around in little cars that could be wound up and released across a room.

Later, the plush toys were available…

So, if you are more interested on the show, and need to catch up on all the episodes, the entire 30th Anniversary Collection

is available for about $150 on Amazon.  You can also buy the videos one season at a time.  If you haven’t seen the show yet, then tune into YouTube where there are a couple of episodes available.

I would suggest E bay, or another auction site for a better price, if you wish to purchase the videos.


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