G.I. Joe and Cobra Vehicles


From the biggest and baddest, to the smallest, oldest and newest.  Every Joe toy and every Cobra toy was cool in it’s own right.  Obviously the G.I. Joe toy line wouldn’t just have action figures standing around and holding weapons. With anticipation of a massive battle between Joe and Cobra forces, they each have their own awesome vehicle arsenal.

We’re going to review the top Joe and Cobra vehicles because there are way too many of them to blog about, much like the action figures.



…Here, is the biggest, baddest, and most expensive toy of the Joe vehicle collection.

1985 Vintage GI Joe USS Flagg Aircraft Carrier


It now sells on Ebay, like new, sealed in a box for $10,000.   Without the box, in pieces with missing decals,  you are still looking at a $500 price tag for this massive toy.   How massive is it?   Well it takes up the length of a desk, and fits a lot of figures and vehicles.

Here is another example of the sheer scale of this magnificent toy:




This is only to demonstrate the sheer scale of the toy.  It apparently floats too.





The G.I. Joe toy line included land, sea, and air vehicles.   These cool toys will be divided into the three categories:


Tanks, motorcycles, artillery, armored suits and vehicles.  Some of the cool tanks are:



Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank:



There was always an unprotected H.I.S.S. tank driver sitting in the cockpit with a glass (plastic) canopy, but this remained a popular toy as seen on the cartoons, commercials, and in comic books.


G.I. Joe motorized battle tank:



This is a big tank, which moves in the direction of the turret that you move manually with your fingers.   It comes with a tank driver, as many of these vehicles do come with a driver.  This is Hasbro’s first tank production, and the original 1982 version had slight differences from the 1983 version.  The driver has a head visor and carries an UZI machine pistol.



Covergirl and Wolverine:


The Wolverine was a smaller tank which was introduced in 1983.  The missile rack represented a wolverine’s claws, and  the tank was kind of small like one.  The tank could  hold one 3 and  3/4 inch Joe figure.   The original covergirl action figure had short, auburn hair.





Snow Cat with driver :Frostbite


It holds 10 Joe’s,  and has a missile rack and torpedo ski’s.  I owned one, and I loved it.  The steering wheel moved, and so did the windshield wiper!   There was also a pivoting rocket launcher for surface to land, and surface to air.  This also had a removable engine cover, and a removable gate in the back of the truck so you could hold your weapons and gear in it.  There is foot pegs on the side of the vehicle to hold standing Joe toys. Like all figures, Frostbite also has a file card like the other Joe’s.



G.I. Joe Ram



This is a small bike with lots of firepower.  Imagine riding around town with a 50 millimeter cannon strapped to the side.  It holds one action figure.



G.I. Joe Vamp





From the 2011 G.I. mid-size vehicles, series one.

GI Joe V.A.M.P. multi-purpose attack vehicle features working front and rear suspension, laser gun, firing rocket launcher, and retractable capture claw.



Cobra Stinger



Also called,  the night attack, 4 wheel drive stinger.  It came with a driver, that was a grey color, unlike the blue color of the common soldier.  The stinger vehicle itself has many removable parts including the doors, steering wheel, and missiles.



There are other cobra land vehicles such as the troop transport, but moving on now…




HCC788 – 1984 Killer W.H.A.L.E.

It came with the action figure, Cutter.  There is a ramp in the front which houses a recon sled.  The recon sled has a canopy on top, and wheels on the bottom.  The top of the boat has another ramp and a canopy, and when opened, you can store troops standing up inside the boat.   There are two tank cannons which elevate, and two top swivel guns.  There are 2 elevating, and pivoting surface to air missile boxes.

Cobra Moray Hydrofoil:

Modeled after a cigarette shaped speed boat;  It’s full of weapons with big side cannons that do not move.  There is a moveable gun in the middle/front section.   The top turret moves around, and the gun moves up and down on the turret.   There are two torpedoes on the sides, and defense,  swivel machine guns on the back.  There is a missile box which pops up with the press of a button on the front of the Moray, and the missiles will pop out.  You can fit two figures in the cabin, but you have to bend a figure’s legs to fit him in the turret.   There are hydrofoil planes/ or stands on the bottom which allows it to balance when you stand it up.

Cobra Water Moccasin: 

Smaller than the Moray Hydrofoil,  it’s a flat bottom boat made for marshes and shallow water.  It comes with a pilot named Copperhead.  There is a removable roof panel, so you can fit an action figure in the cockpit.  There is a removable engine cover, which exposes a big engine with drive wheel.  The drive wheel moves the fan on the back of the boat.

Cobra Night Landing Raft:


It’s half the size of the Cobra Water Moccasin, and it can hold up 2 action figures.  Swivel paddles, engine, and front mounted machine gun.  It comes with a radio, sub-machine gun, shovel, and a knife.




The technical engineering gone into making these plastic marvels, (which were almost replicas of the real fighters) was absolutely amazing for the mid-nineteen eighties.



G.I. Joe Skystriker:


Loaded with weaponry, and had folding wings, this was made to fit on the U.S.S. Flagg.   It came with combat pilot “Ace and his parachute.”   The movie “Top Gun,” probably helped sell many of these cool toys.  My friend’s Skystriker has modified decals on the side.  The playing cards add a nice touch to the nose of the plane.


Cobra Rattler:


If you thought the Skystriker had a lot of weapons, check this out…



Although, it’s not as big as the Skystriker, it was a thing of beauty which was a souped up-modified version of the A-10 Warthog.

The wings turn for vertical take-off and landing.  There is a total of 14 missiles and bombs on it, and the engine covers come off.  It also comes with side panels that are battle damaged, which make it look like it went through a dog fight.


Cobra Night Raven:



This was produced in 1986 to counter the size of the G.I. Joe Skystriker.  It’s big, and it looks very much like the SR-71 Blackbird.  It’s 27 inches long, and there is a leaver for retracting and opening the landing gear.   You can remove the seats from the bottom so  the pilots can be easily inserted into the cockpit.  There is a bomb bay in the middle-bottom, and the Night Raven comes with a reconnaissance craft.  The little craft piggy backs on top of the Night Raven, and is fairly easy to put on and take off.


There were also smaller sized planes such as the G.I. Joe Conquest X-30 and the Cobra Firebat.




Mostly designed later for smaller budgets, but still fun toys.  The Conquest was a better fit on the U.S.S. Flagg.




G.I. Joe Dragonfly:  



It has a removable cannon,  engine cover, and missiles.  It comes with action figure, “Wild Bill.”  There is a rescue winch and hook which will ascend/descend from the bottom of the helicopter when you turn a wheel.  The ski’s have foot pegs, but don’t really work well when you try to place the action figures on the ski’s.  There are safety caps on the ends of the helicopter blades which can come off, but they should stay on.  A white trigger on the left side of the Dragonfly will cause the blades to spin when you move the the trigger forward.


From the “Rise of Cobra” series, Wild Bill fly’s the Dragonhawk, which is a re-make of the original helicopter.



G.I. Joe Tomahawk: 




This helicopter replaced the Dragonfly in 1986.  It’s bigger than the Dragonfly and it has two rotating blades on the top.  The Tomahawk has very droopy blades,  and the total length of the chopper with the blades is 31 inches long.  The blades are removable and they can be reversed.  The front compartment holds 2 Joe’s, and it comes with pilot,  “Lift-Ticket.”


Cobra F.A.N.G.    

It is a fully armed, gyro copter.  It’s a small, one man vehicle.  Top and back rotors spin easily, and there is a back peg to hold an action figure in place.



Here is a glider which doesn’t really fit into the jet or helicopter categories…


Cobra C.L.A.W.   


It has extending wing tips, machine gun on the top, There are folding wheels and a bar with wheels on the top, which is not seen in this picture. Actually, the Crimson Guard shown above, is actually flying a newer version of the C.L.A.W. It is a bit smaller than the original one, and the wing tips don’t extend.   It’s still very cool.   You can see the differences in this pic:




Another small flying vehicle was seen in many old t.v. show episodes:


The Cobra Flight pod:



The flight pod with the clear bubble canopy was released in 1985.   This is not to be confused with the one with the red canopy which was introduced in the 2010 Rise of Cobra line for the Elite Viper.  This was also called the “Trouble bubble.”  There are 2 removable rockets on either side, and a pivoting front machine gun.  It comes with an mine that attaches to the seat, so you can create a deadly, unmanned drone.



All the toys mentioned above, do not cover all the vehicles produced for the toy line, just the most popular ones.  If there are any that are worth noting, please comment and I will add more vehicles to the list.


I know there are many more vehicles, and I will add them later, but I’ve been writing these articles for 2 weeks, and there are many more toys to discuss.  Stay tuned!





















































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