The Gobots, Zoids, and Rocklords?


Gobots and Zoids?    Yes, this another trip down memory lane.  These were the smaller versions of the Transformers toys, which were cheaper, and just as much fun back in the day.  Bandai was a  company that produced the toys, marketed them in North America, and Hanna Barbera made a cartoon t.v. show.   Naturally, there were the good guys, and the bad guys.   Robots would transform into different kinds of vehicles.


There was a bit of metal in these toys, and were heavy for their size.   Here are some pics.


The GOBOTS  were sentient robots with individual personalities, but I think you can say the same for some of the Transformers toys.

Gobots are from Gobotron, which I wouldn’t say is the most inventive name.  Gobots and Rocklords were licenced through Tonka to sell to the North American Market.  Here is a picture of Rocklords:



These guys were powerful crushing, digging, and rock throwing dudes that transformed into rocks…Like Gobots, there are good guys and bad guys.  The good guys had names like,  Boulder (the leader), Granite, Marbles, Crackpot, Pulver Eyes, Nugget.

The bad guys are: Magmar, Tomestone, Brimstone, Slimestone, Spearhead, Sabrestone.  Please forgive me if I’m missing some names.  Surprisingly, there were two vehicles, Stone Wing (transforms into a land cruiser, and plane. ,and Rockpot, all terrain battle cruiser).   There was the “Gobots, Battle of the Rocklords movie),  which has Gobots fighting Rocklords.   There were other Rocklords toy lines which spun off of the original rocklords.




When ZOIDS were introduced to North America by Takara Tomy, the big Japanese toy company.  These were actual mechanized robots that you could build yourself.  A set of instructions came with the toy.  They started off as a vehicles which were also giant mechanical robots… With Robo Strux, you can also build a big robotic monster. This toy line was a little too big and expensive, and had to be scaled down. Power Zoids such as Tank and Serpent were released in North America Only.


Power ZOIDS:




Here is a few more ZOIDS:   



There was also a ZOIDS action figure release in 2002.  Here is the commercial:


Another cool feature was the ZOIDS customise parts, which were an added feature in 2002.   They were additional weapons and equipment that could be added to ZOIDS models.  After 2002, this was discontinued.


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