Gooey Louie, Exploding Kittens and Stoopido


Gooey Louie:  

Open up his nose hatch and fill it full of boogers.   Open up his skull to see if his brain is in there.  One booger will be attached to his brain…the person who pulls out the wrong booger, will make his brain pop out of his head.

If this all sounds very gross, then, this game isn’t for you if you think the boogers, brain, or Gooey Louie actually look real.

One booger has a hook on the end so you can attach it to the trigger.  This trigger pops the brain out of the head when it’s pulled down.


Exploding Kittens 


Here is one thing you don’t do:  Let your cat or kitten chew on dynamite, grenades, or anything else explosive…

Also, don’t let your kitten walk across a computer keyboard if it’s hooked up to a nuclear weapon.

If you are into kittens, explosions, laser beams, and sometimes goats, then this game is just for you!

(Credit goes to Oatmeal for the laser beams and goats.)


The cards, and pictures were all designed by the Oatmeal, (Famous cartoonist.)


How to play the game… 

Each player takes a turn at picking up a card until a person picks up an exploding kitten card.  Whoever picks up that card is dead,  unless they have a diffuse card which should be played right away to avoid getting killed. When the diffuse card is played, the exploding kitten card goes back into the discard pile in a secret location, and game play resumes.  There are different cards, “see the future” which allows a player to see the first three cards of the deck.  If the first card is an exploding kitten, then you can play a “skip card” so the next player after you can play the exploding kitten.  There are action cards that can be played which can be counter-played with a “Nope” card, which stops the action.  Nope can’t stop an action such as a diffuse card, or an exploding kitten.


Object of the game:  Just, don’t blow up!

Here are the full rules in this video:















The name says everything.   You and your family or friends try different face mask combinations for eyes, ears, nose, horns, etc. Whoever has the craziest, or most stupid combination, wins…


The cool part is:  There are 1000 or more silly face combinations.








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