Googly Eyes and Square Up!

Put on these vision-altering glasses to change your artistic expression!

For this cool game, you pair up with someone who will guess what you will be drawing next while you are wearing crazy glasses.  A player on each team will take a turn to roll the dice and move their pawn closer to the finish line.  If the player lands on a certain circle, the player will have to use an easy, medium, or hard lens (matches the color code of the circle landed on).  The player then picks up a card and draws whatever the card tells them to draw.  If the player’s partner guesses what you drew correctly, then roll again to move your pawn forward.  If your partner guesses what you drew is wrong, then your pawn stays where it is, and the opposing teams’ player gets to roll the dice.


When you are drawing,  a timer is set, giving you a limited amount of time to complete your picture.   The first player across the finish line, wins the game for their team.

Here are the contents of the game:    















This game may be totally unfair to other players if you are a great artist, but if you are not…Then it will be a challenge for people to figure out what you are trying to draw.

Square Up!  










The goal is pretty simple:   Move the 9 middle squares on your big board to match the 9 squares on the smaller board that you use as a guide.  The smaller board is just like the bigger board, but you can shake it like dice.  The small blocks will fall into place on the smaller board and will give you the pattern you need to copy onto the large board.


There is one empty space on the big board so you can freely move the blocks around.

Time yourself and see how fast you can complete the puzzle, or see if you are faster than your friend at completing it.  This is a great mind development game, which helps improve thinking speed.

Recommended for all ages.



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