Today’s subject is Hatchimals

Imagine getting a large egg for your birthday, and it made sounds and glowed from the inside!

If you hold onto this egg long enough, it will begin to hatch.

There are different kinds of animals you can find such as: Pengualas, Draggles, Owlicorns, Burtles, and Bearakeets.





Instructions for getting your egg to hatch:  Play with your animal in the egg before it hatches.

If it doesn’t respond, put down your egg in a safe place and pick it up again.


Each egg is different and takes 10 to 40 minutes to hatch.

While you are waiting, tap it and it will tap back.

Also, flip the egg, and your Hatchimal will say “Weeeeee!”

The Hatchimal will fall asleep if you stop playing it with it.  To wake it up, pick it up and wait a few seconds.  If  it’s still asleep, give it a twist and shake.

The Hatchimal will start pecking to break apart the egg, and eventually you will have to help it out of the egg.


Does this sound like fun?


Not for some folks… So far, according to a news report; Many Hatchimals  that were received as Christmas presents were not hatching.

Warning:  There has been many reports of children’s eggs not hatching.  If you had bought the egg from a retailer more than 30 days ago, and you want your money back now, then you have very little chance of getting a refund from the manufacturer. This is why some parents are suing the toy maker.

I wouldn’t sell or advertise faulty products,  so consider this a little warning.  Some of the toys work perfectly, some do not.







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