HMC Boudicca and Other Battlebots


Here are some miniature battle tanks out of a sci-fi  novel.  If you like Steampunk stuff, or anything that comes close to that, then I’d say this pretty much fills the imagination of World War 1 secret weapons.  These tanks look like they were infused with modern weaponry and  sent back in time.

These toys are made by Machination Studio: The toy line is called Colossus.  This is a fitting name, indicative of the colossal size of these toys.

They are 2  feet tall, full of rotating, moving guns and turrets.  They move about like any other robot with legs.

Description of the HMC BOUDICCA:  It’s made with over 400 parts, most 3-d printed. All parts were hand painted. There are electronic parts such as sensors,  and LED’s.  There is no pricing catalog for these toys, and they can be ordered directly from Machination Studio.

Here is a link from Gizmodo:

HMC Boudicca


Apparently this toy is expensive: So Machination Studio came up with a newer, smaller, and cheaper toy than Boudicca.

Introducing: Codename Colossus Mk.I Cyclops

The Cyclops is mobilized by six feet, allowing it to move around the battlefield. You can also use a controller to direct the robot wherever you want it to go.  The entire robot is assembled with screws, so you can take it apart one piece of a time to customize it.  6, AAA batteries are also needed to operate it.  There is a kickstarter campaign running for the cyclops, where you can reserve a kit (requires assembly) for $490, while a fully finished robot sells for about $1,100.



More information from the creator is found at:








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