For all those little boys and girls who are naturally inclined to getting their hands dirty, feeding the horses and chickens, (and maybe milking cows?)   John Deere has the toys for them!

The farm equipment ranges from small, to big in scale..  You can see there are larger, electric toys for your child on the go.  The tractor and loader are new, 2-wheel drive vehicles with a working FM radio!

Here is a website link for the smaller scale toys:


Besides ride-on toys, there are also radio controlled, which is also very cool.  Check the Toys-R-US link below…





Peg-Perego John Deere 12V Gator XUV Ride-On Vehicle


Two seater!  Now on Sale!



Here are the cool features, besides entertaining 2 kids at once: 


Large dump bed with tail-gate for carrying toys, equipment and more!

When you child grows bigger/taller, you can easily adjust the seats.

4.5 mph lockout to prevent new drivers from driving too fast.

Wheel traction, allows the vehicle to drive through grass, dirt, and hard surfaces.

Cup holders

12 Volt battery and batter charger.

Also, drives in reverse.



For any ride-on vehicle with a hitch,  you can add extra storage capacity with the Peg-Perego Wagon:

It has a folding tail-gate.  There are plenty of things to find in the back yard to collect!





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