The John Wild Retro-Toy Showcase

It’s time to play catch-up with some of John’s toy lines.  He has some very interesting stuff…all retro toys.  They are mostly available through online auctions, but are mostly best remembered as Great toys!

So,  here it is in random disorder:

Welcome Back Kotter



“Up your nose with a rubber hose!”, Vinny Barbarino would say…

I can’t believe these toys are still in the packaging.

Some people don’t want to see videos all the time, and I can understand this, but John has some nice videos.

Next, there are the “Rocky” movie toys…

There are newer, more detailed figures out there, but I’ll cut to the chase and introduce the Rocky toys from the early 80’s, which are presented by Mr Wild.

Rocky III



Limited articulation, and the use of the same body mold, didn’t make this toy line very popular among collectors.


Because Hulk Hogan is introduced in this video as  “Thunderlips,”  We’ll go into further discussion of the WWE (Formerly WWF wrestling figures.)


I should warn you, John has Series 1-11, recorded in different videos.  Here is series 1 and 2 from Hasbro.   You will see there isn’t much articulation, but each wrestler has his own ability. 


Here is a link to to John Wild’s videos:  John Wild Youtube Videos



I do apologize if there is no voice translation to the language of your choice.   For those of us who are well versed in the English language,  we’ll discuss one of the toys from the famous MEGO toy line, which was one of the biggest ones in the 1970’s.


Action Jackson

When I watched the movie back in the 1980’s, starring Carl Weathers, I had no idea the toys actually existed before the movie release.

Here is another video of John’s, who is showcasing one of these toys.



Here, A.J. is in his Aussie marine outfit,  which is made of cloth, and plastic.  He did come with accessories, such as a gun, hat, and walkie talkie.


This almost escaped my memory, but I actually owned this toy!


Schaper Toys Super Touch and Super Jock 



I was rarely accurate trying to get him to throw a ball in the basket when I pressed down on his head, but I had lots of fun trying.


Here is another MEGO plush toy- King Kong.  He is in remarkably great shape, from a stuffed toy kept in his collection since the 1970’s.  None of my stuffed toys lasted since the 80’s-1980’s.




Last of all, this is one of my favorite all-time toys, which is not part of John’s videos, but I have to show to everyone.  It’s just too good to pass up…


Smash Up Derby by Kenner Toys



I remember pulling that plastic tie through those wheel gears to get the car going.  This is definitely a 2 person game, if you want to get the two cars in the set to fly off the ramps at the same time and smash into each other.  The doors and tires would come off, and I’m pretty sure the bumpers did too.  Unfortunately, I was too rough with these toys and literally broke them after several collisions.


Kenner SSP racers, were previously introduced in 1972, and worked the same way, except they were weren’t made for smashing into each other and falling into pieces. It didn’t matter, we still smashed them for the fun of it.

It’s amazing how these toys included, “Sonic Sound”.   This is advertising at it’s best.




I hope you enjoyed this preview,  and I thank John for letting me show these video’s.