KRE-O Toy line by Hasbro


KRE-O is a product name/logo, which comes form the Latin word ‘Creo’, which means, ‘I create.’   For those of you who know little about these toys, they are made by a South Korean company called Oxford, and marketed by Hasbro worldwide. Some of the pieces may be similar to Lego’s, but the quality is just as good.

There are different Kre-O toy lines, such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Battleship, and Trolls.  What’s cool about Kre-O, is the building block’s compatibility with Lego blocks.  The first of the toy lines was Transformers, Bumblebee.

He can be built as a car or robot.



The Bumblebee set retailed for around $24.99, U.S.D.  in 2011.  Bumblebee comes with 3 Kreons, (mini-figures). There is a detailed photo, instruction guide for building it, and there are some cool features such as a moveable gun on the car. In ‘robot’ mode, the car is taken apart and re-assembled.  He has moveable joints, and his armor panels move on hinges.

These Transformer kits still sell for a modest price. Check E-Bay or Amazon.  Of course, the other top Autobots and Decepticons are still for sale at a reasonable price.


I tried to look for an actual “Transformer” from the movie and cartoon, that is marketed and sold by Lego.  Nothing.   However, there are many that are custom made, and look real good.  I noticed Kre-O has released sets from famous toy lines in the following years, such as G.I. Joe,  Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons,  Dreamworks, Trolls, and micro-changer combiners.  Taking one last look at Lego, some pretty sick custom designs can be made…just check a You-Tube video.

Kre-O  G.I. JOE

Even this company sells big playsets, Like the famous Cobra Terror Drome.

Priced at almost $200, and consisting of 855 pieces, this is no doubt a very BIG playset. This playset has numbered bags, and there is an instruction book for each section of the Terror Drome, for a total of 3 instruction books.

The set also comes with mini figures, General Hawk, Mainframe, Xamot, Serpentor, Gung Ho, and Cobra Trooper.

The bottom stage has a lever you pull out to elevate and lower an elevator. It has fuel stations, guns and rooms just like the real size Terror Drome. The top part has seats, and computer terminals.  And the third part assembly is the Sky Hawk, helicopter.


There are other Kre-O toy line sets, such as Dungeons and Dragons.  This is also an affordable (way less expensive,) alternative to the more expensive sets such as the one shown above…



For 297 pieces, it’s not at all a big playset, but it can be arranged in 3 different ways.  It includes Knights, Archers, Pikemen, and enemy Orcs.  Assemble a catapult to take out the defenses!

Since Hasbro bought Wizards of the Coast, they had the licensing for anything under the Dungeons and Dragons line.  The Orcs versus humans concept is an old one, which precedes World of Warcraft. It’s pretty much the standard where orcs wear a lot of red, and humans wear blue.  Now, enough history…


This set also comes with a lockable treasure chest. The main gate has a collapsible draw bridge, and which falls if you hit the little dragon target at the top of the gate.  There are pins on the sides of each structure so you can attach them together, or assemble everything vertically so you will have a tall tower.

There are 6 figures, Knights and Orcs.  They all have different weapons. The catapult is spring loaded and will shoot red balls of shot by placing each ball in the hoop.  There are blind bags that can be purchased separately if you want to add more Kreons (mini-figures.)  There are army builder packs with an instruction booklet for assembling 1 Kreon.  There are different figures types, such as wizards, clerics, mages, flag carrier, paladin, axe man,  etc.  This product line was introduced in 2014, but is not being advertised through Walmart or Toys-R-US.  At the present moment, it is sold through Amazon.



Here is a pic showing a built tower:



The Kreons have ball joints in arms, legs, and waist for easy movement.  In order to not confuse you, Klingons are Kreons.  So, the 2 Klingon race characters are included as 2 Kreon mini-figures. If the Kreon’s are not the coolest part of this set, then I would say the warship definitely is.  The different grey, red, and black color are a nice touch, the details on the top panels of the wings give it that mechanical look, and the stickers for the sides and top of the craft make a nice design.

The wings move up and down, the canopy is tinted,  and missiles shoot out from the wing tips.  There is a light that can be turned on which shows through the canopy…It’s easier to see in the dark.  There is a hatch that opens in the top to store things in.


Kre-O Battleship U.S.S Missouri:


If you are into Battleships, then this might catch your interest.  For some reason they have a battleship in the commercials fighting aliens. Of course, we can’t have Kreons killing other Kreons.  With weapons that fire, and Kreons manning control systems, this is a pretty cool toy which includes a life raft.  We have to give Lego a standing ovation for their epic battleships, and if you combine the pieces of Kre-o and Lego, then you will get something awesome.



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