So Many Monopoly Editions


Back in the day, there were only a limited number of Monopoly Editions.  But now there are millions of editions.  Well, here is just a small, teeny, weeny display of Monopoly editions.



I do apologize if I left out the Star Wars edition, Pokemon edition, and any other important ones.  At this point,  I don’t care about the other editions.  There are too many.   Oh wait, there is  PirateopolyArrrrgh!


Monopoly is a fun game when there are many people playing it, and can also be very cruel… the object of the game is to bankrupt your friends or family.

I presume most people know how to play this game by now, since it’s been out since 1933.  If you are old enough to read, and counting the money isn’t all that importance if Mom or Dad is the banker.

Before these unlimited editions, there was obviously, Monopoly.  Before that,  the first real estate game was called The Landlord’s Game by the Economic Game Company.   1903-1904 – Elizabeth J. Magie, 1904 Patent

Her game board didn’t have much color to it,  but there were different properties, and the object of the game was to have the most money.  This pretty much followed up to the Monopoly game we know today.

The Landlord’s Game


Actually it looks more interesting, probably because I haven’t played it yet.  If you are interested in this game in particular, click on the link