NERF from Hasbro


Once again, we are showcasing another great Hasbro toy line…NERF!


I could never get this song out of my head, which goes way back to this commercial…

Sure the football was fun, and it was light and convenient when you compared it to an actual leather football that you had to inflate every now and then.  I used to go on my school roof as a kid, (I was a bad boy) and I would find a couple of these beauties just sitting there, along with a few tennis balls.

Fast forward into the future, and we get- THIS kind of thing!

Fire off a barrage of foam darts to knock off an army of action figures,  or mow down a horde of zombies with this beast of a blaster!

Because this is an automatic foam dart firing weapon, it’s going to use up 6, D batteries.  These darts whistle when they fly through the air, and they can fly for up to 100 feet.  In the 24 dart revolving drum, you can manually insert the darts to load it.

Also…There is an acceleration button on the lower part of the handle that you press down on, and it gets the revolving barrel up to speed, then you press down on the trigger, then watch the darts fly!  Walmart sells these for about $120.  It’s a little pricey, but definitely a fun toy.

Next on the list, we have the Nerf ammo.  You can never have enough of it,  and it’s convenient for a fast refill.  It sells for around $20-$30 for 75 darts.  There are smaller packages available.




Naturally, there are other blasters, but the Mastodon is the biggest and baddest.  Here is another one:

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader Blaster Toy

It’s not fully automated, and it shoots one dart at the time.  The good thing is…It’s still fun to play with and cost 1/5 of the price.

I wanted to know if Nerf darts were compatible between all blasters.  Apparently, not all are compatible.  The easiest way is to size up the darts…If they are the same length and circumference, then I’d say they are interchangeable.

Here is another beastie, which is part of the N-Strike blaster line:

NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

This double barrel Gatling gun is a bit less in price than the Mastodon.  It’s huge when you compare it with medium blasters, and it’s automated like the Mastodon, and there is a bit of assembly required.  It has 2, 25 round drums, tri-pod, and 6, D cell batteries.   To start the accelerator, you push the buttons at the back down half-way, then push the buttons down all the way to fire.

Sometimes darts get jammed, but there are doors at the bottom of the gun which you can open to clear out jams.

Ages are 8-years + for these blasters, so I wouldn’t recommend these for young children.

Have I mentioned, there are lots of different Nerf blaster weapons on the market?  Well, here one more, worth mentioning:

NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow



Even this beauty can shoot darts up to 70 feet,  and is one of the first bow shooters.  This one comes with 4 darts, but you can buy more.


For the last of the weapons, the Nerf Chainsaw! will be released soon at stores near you.


With an automated, rotating blade you can use your imagination to chop up enemy zombies to pieces.   Yes, I can see a Nerf Howitzer field gun in the future.


So, besides Nerf weapons, is there anything else worth mentioning?

Nerf Basketball:

Keeping with tradition, it’s worth mentioning this quality b-ball.


It works as good as a regular basketball.  Bounce it, dribble it, and toss it into the net that you can buy separately for it.  The only problem with a Nerf ball, is after excessive use, pieces of foam will start breaking off.  It also is likely to crack, or tear with age.


Don’t forget to go to the Nerf website.  The reason I’m suggesting this, is because it shows the variety products and has a cool blaster video game that will keep you occupied! Nerf Official Website


















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