Newest and Coolest Star Wars Toys


What is the Star Wars series without a lightsaber?   Well, here are a few lightsabers worth mentioning:


STAR WARS The Black Series Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber


This has cool, movie-like sounds, and lights up nicely in a very dark room.


Closeup of the Handle











Of course, Darth Vader isn’t the only character with a light saber.

Prices vary between each toy, and yes, they are not cheap!



There are many other cool light sabers with varying prices, including the retractable light sabers.  There are just too many to mention!



Hasbro Masks, and voice changing masks:


I’m using these two examples of The Force Awakens masks, which are designed to fit the size of a child’s head, but I do see some adults putting these on.  The Chewbacca mask is probably the best out of all of them. Your chin rests on a chin strap, and when you press down on it, the jaw on the mask opens.  When the jaw opens, Chewbacca lets out a roar.  If you open the jaw wider, then Chewy will let out a louder roar.

This is very cool, versus all the other masks, which are not a full helmet, and don’t really convert your voice to a realistic Kylo Ren, or Darth Vader.  When you press on a button on the side of these masks,  (except for Chewy) a quote from the movies will be released through the built in speaker.  Hasbro did make an effort a mask that alters your voice for a spooky affect, but the Chewbacca mask beats them all.


Star Wars™ Force Band – by Sphero

When you move your arm in different directions, you control the movement of BB-8.  It sells for about $80, has Bluetooth technology, and has been on sale since the Rogue One movie release in 2016.  It has an adjustable, Velcro strap, which attaches to the main part with magnets.   The main purpose of the band is to interact with BB-8, and is not intended to be a wrist watch.

An app does come with this, and you need a smart phone to set this up.  Make sure your phone O.S. (Android) is compatible with the band, and you will need the BB-8 toy so it can be controlled.   The band lights up, and does respond well to body movements.

You can’t just have the Force Band without BB-8!  

With an app, you can program BB-8 to understand and react to your voice commands.  You can also put it in patrol mode.

You can control BB-8 through your smart phone app, or the Force Band if you own one.  He comes with a charging/storage pod, USB charging cable, main body, and head. BB-8 will wake up once he’s fully charged,  and his head will begin looking around.

This is a fairly small toy…about 11 inches tall. With voice and word recognition, he’s more than just a toy, he’s a droid.  He can memorize and solve mazes.  Bluetooth has to be active on your smart phone device with Android operating system in order to work with BB-8.  To see if your droid is charging, the charger base will have 3 blue flashing lights.

There should be an instruction book on how to use the app.

Star Wars Rogue One Nerf Rapid Fire Imperial AT-ACT from Hasbro

This should be in the vehicles category, which I will be publishing later on, and it needs a better explanation in a video.

So, here is the video:  Please give the gentleman who created this video a like, or a share…

Star Wars Force Lightning Science Energy Ball


This isn’t the newest invention, and the credit goes to Nikola Tesla.  I always wanted one of these, and I’m thinking of getting one. The plasma energy will move towards your finger tips when you touch the ball, and will also follow your movement, as long as you keep your hands on the ball.  Very cool, and affordable, from Uncle Milton.

Star  Wars Force glove, or Darth Vader force glove with magnet: 


If you want your kid to pick up all the cutlery in your kitchen drawer with this glove, then this might be the ideal toy.  Other than pulling force, it doesn’t have any other practical use.  Still, this is somewhat amusing, and is one of the less expensive products on the market.

LEGO Darth Vader



I never figured, LEGO would make such an intricate action figure-like toy until now:

You build this figure, and there are a lot of pieces.  The head moves in all directions on a ball joint,  and the cloth cape adds a nice touch.  The lightsaber is flexible, which means it won’t break easily.   The joints in the knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders rotate, and are a bit tight.  Expect that with new toys.  The toy is at least 6 inches in size and sells for around $20.  Check out the other figures like this one.


Most of these products require separate batteries, (except the glove, and Lego toys) so please read the instructions on the box.


Watch for Star Wars 40th Anniversary Toys, Action figures and more, coming soon!
























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