The title says it all.   Get all the figures in the All Start Pups Action Pack for about $40-$50 from toy retailers, and online sellers such as Amazon. In this pack, includes Ryder, Chase, Rubble, Marshall, Sky, Everest, Rocky, and  Zuma.   Boys and Girls will enjoy these figures, and they will be able to distinguish the pups by their head bands.  Each figure is jointed and has moving parts.  These are your main cartoon characters, and there are other paw patrol figures such as, Tracker, Apollo, and Mission Quest pups. There is also, the Cowboy Pups, and the All-Star Pups.



There definitely are more figurines than this…


Here is a list of other sets:

Metallic Limited Edition Set :  It includes the lost kitty and a chicken.

Air Rescue Pups:  They come with cool accessories. Rubble comes with a hover board,  Chase comes with a glider,  Marshall`s pup pack comes with water cannons, Sky`s pack has wings with her jet pack.  All the pup’s packs perform different functions when you push on each pup`s tag.

Jungle Figurines: Some come with vehicles, but some figurines are separate.  There is Mandy the monkey, panther, and parrot.  Tracker comes with different jet packs, and the same goes with the other pups.   There are turtles, and Wally the walrus.

Super Hero Pups: All pups have removable pup packs, and they all have capes.

Pup-Fu Pups: They also come with action packs.

There are other pups: Everest pups, and ROBO DOG.


Last of all, the JUMBO pups:  These are big,  detailed versions of the pups with movable parts. If you have a favorite pup in mind, then this is the toy to buy.


Stay tuned for more PAW PATROL action with pups and their vehicle sets.