Pie Face! and Pie Face Showdown!



Pie Face! and Pie Face Showdown! are two great games from Hasbro.  It all started with Pie Face!  Load up the hand with whip cream, a wet sponge, or a wet pie.  This is a two player game, where each person sticks their face through the face hole and turns the handles and hoping to not get hit in the face. There is also a wheel you spin, which will tell you how many times you have to turn the handles.

For each time you don’t get hit in the face, you will get double the points you spun on the wheel.  Whoever scores 25 points first, wins the game.  It’s that easy.


Pie Face Showdown! is a game of not only luck, but timing and skill.  Test your button mashing skills against your friend or family member, and score points for each hit. Hint: Whipped cream works the best- Sold separately.


Some assembly is required for both games, and is for ages 5 and up.