Plastic, Rubber, Foam, Wooden Dinosaurs


Long before the Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs have always captured a child’s imagination.  I should know- and, no, I’m not a dinosaur, (yet)  Over the years, toys have improved in looks and sometimes, quality.  There are more colors, and all kinds of poses, noises, lights, sensors, and more moving parts.  Here is a list of dinosaurs, starting from the biggest and coolest, ranging from big to small, robotic, and not robotic.


Kids Toy Walking Dinosaur T-Rex Toy Figure With Lights & Sounds,

  • Real Movement



It has glowing eyes, walks, and roars.   For ages 3 and up.  Leave the dinosaur to walk on his own, and he will light up and make noises.   This is made from sturdy, non-toxic ABS plastic.  3, AAA batteries are needed, but not included.

Sells for about $25 +




Tyrannosaurus Rex by Schleich 



For boys and girls, ages 3 and up, this toy is hand painted vinyl plastic, and very well detailed. It has a moveable jaw.  All the toys in this line sell for $7.00- $20.00


Kids Imaginative Dinosaurs Small & Large Plastic Assorted Toy Dinosaurs/ 12 Piece Set, 5-7 Inches in size.

Includes: Digital Coloring Book, Dino Flash Cards.

Detailed, colorful, and educational.  The coloring book will help distinguish the different dinosaurs, and the child will have fun with coloring, and playing with the toys. This cool little toy package sells for about $14+


Bloco Toys Velociraptor and Pterosaur



There are 167 dense foam and plastic connectors:

  • Includes step-by-step instructions for building 5 different dinosaurs (you can build 2 at a time)
  • Kids can either build the illustrated design or create their own
  • Big thumbs-up from parents for resistant pieces that are also safe, easy to manipulate and washable
  • Made in Canada.  2 toys in a box for $35.

Great toy for building, and problem solving.  Lots of moveable joints/pieces. Also, see their T-rex, and Triceratops


3D Wooden Simulation Animal Dinosaur Puzzle Model Toy

This is a high quality 3-D puzzle, which is educational in forming building skills.  It is approximately 31 x 26cm when finished.  If you want to keep it together permanently, then wood glue is recommended.


Finally, the 3D Wooden Simulation Dinosaur Puzzle Model Toy



  •  Sound Control To Move and Roar :Clapping hands once: Move towards and roar, Clapping hands twice: Turn right and roar ,Clapping hands thrice: Turn left and roar
  • – Build your own robotic wooden dinosaur buddy and watch it come to life
  • – Walks, roars and responds to sound after assembly
  • – Easy to assemble with no glue or tools needed
  • – Includes wooden kit, sensor, electric motor, battery box, and manual
  • Sells for about $30