Play Doh-Vinci


Brought to you by the makers of Play Doh.  With the deluxe Styler that doesn’t need a battery, and it could be considered a toy or a real crafting tool.  The different color tubes are loaded into the Styler after you take the cap off.  Just squeeze on the handle and a stream of the doh (it really isn’t Play Doh) will come out like spaghetti. The colorful stuff is basically a light, modelling clay. Whatever design you create, it will take a day or more to dry.

There are design tips  which attach to the end of the color tube by screwing it on, and it’s easy to create new designs by squeezing down on the trigger. The tube cap fits nicely over the design tip, so that way there is no need to unscrew the design tip when you’re finished with your project.  Apparently the color stuff doesn’t stain, and is easy to peel off surfaces.  There are refill cartridges (color tubes)  which you can also buy.


Here is a small gallery for what is new and available out there:


There are more kits out there, and new ones keep popping up. Some have different types of Stylers, which are also very cool.

Ages: 6 and up.

This takes a lot of patience!




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