Quick Change Batman : Kenner Toys from 1989


New Toy Planet is showing a new video from the quick change Batman toy from Kenner Toys -1989.


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It was quite a popular toy at the time, although his gloves and boots were a bit oversized.  He has removable gloves, boots, chest piece and cowl/cape.   Very cool!

Batman’s biggest adversary  (The Joker), was also equally popular with his different abilities.  There is Sky Escape Joker, and Knockout Joker.  Batman’s face looks like Michael Keaton, and the Joker’s face is supposed to look like Jack Nicholson.

The Joker comes with a copter backpack…with propeller.  There is a thumb wheel on the back pack to rotate the propeller.  The backpack clips onto his waste.  Dip his face in cold water and it will change color. (develops a tan)  The color change quickly wears off and goes back to its original color when you dip his face in warm water.




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