Chip, Miposaur, BB-8, Roboraptor, Owi-535?


It was hard to differentiate between the toy names and the product makers, because there are so many out there. When I got my first R2-D2 robotic toy in December 1977,  I was 5 years old.  It was one of those moments wayyyy back in the day, that I actually remembered.  This thing was a cutting edge toy…I had to beg my father to play with R2, because he was having too much fun with it.  Now, forward to the future with Bluetooth, and technology has improved by leaps and bounds.

Imagine: If someone was rich enough to own each one of these new robotic toys on the market, had new batteries in them, and put all of these toys in one room…

Now imagine again: This was a pretty big room where you can look into it through glass windows.  You invite big group of kids over for a toy party.  Make sure there are new batteries in all the robot toys.  Give the children controllers for these toys…

How many toys would be still working after an hour of chaos?   Which toy would be the champion?  How much money did you waste on broken toys?

Think of 10-20 years from now:  How many of these toys in the room will have artificial intelligence?  Will they all smash each other to survive, or will they all figure out a way to escape the room…and look for you?


Scary stuff indeed. But no need to worry if you start building your own army of robots now, and you can program them yourself.

Here is a look at some of the toys on sale on RobotShop    This is a great store with lots of neat toys, utility robots, and other stuff.



Click on each toy above to read about it’s  unique features… And here is an example of a smart toy!