Robot Dog from WowWee

The on/off switch is on his belly or her belly? Anyways, when you are done playing with your lovable robot dog, it will go back to sit on it’s charging pad. Sometimes the charge will die midway through playing with the dog, and then you will have no choice but to hold the charger up against it.
However, that’s the bad part. The pro’s outweigh the con’s, where this dog will remember where certain people and things are located, and will locate things things with it;s built in sensors. You can use an app, ball, or smart wrist-band to control your dog, The black feet wheels are made to go over different surfaces. It also dances, stands on it’s head and responds to voice commands. It doesn’t avoid obstacles and will run into something that you haven’t trained it to recognize.

Try playing soccer, and this dog is real fast if you just want to put it in “drive”mode.