Shopkins Season 7


From the Famous toy line, we’ll start with the


Shopkins Season 7 Megapacks.

Each Megapack contains 20 Shopkins.  You will find a collectors guide in each Pack, including gift boxes. You will also receive ultra-rares in each pack.  There are also Topkin Shopkins, where there are top and bottom pieces, such as Dan, Fran, and Jan pancake.  Also included, is translucent Shopkins such as Alice fruit salad, and Scarlett Scoops.




Surprise Mystery Gift Blind Bag Shopkins Season 7.

This is full of present boxes,  which can contain bakery Shopkins, Topkins, Princess Party Shopkins, P.J. Party Topkins,  and possible limited edition, Hollywood Party Shopkins.  There are also Surprise Party Topkins, like a Lotta Balloons, and Summer Pool Party Shopkins.

There are also Ultra Rare Shopkins, and many matching Shopkins.

Shopkins Action Pack

If you want a mix of Seasons 1-7, It’s available in the All-Star Action pack.


This set includes 2 sneak peak Season 7 Shopkins, Exclusive Glitter Shopkins, 1 Collectors Guide, All-Stars from seasons 1-6, and there are 26 shopkins in the box.

Moms and Dads, If you want your little girl to be super happy, then get her…

Shopkins season 7 Gift Bundle – 12 Pack, 5 Pack, 2 Pack, Including Blizy Flashlight Keychain


*Shopkins Season 7 brings all new Party themed Shopkins to collect, including all new topkins that can be stacked together to create a tower of cakes, a head-to-toe outfit, and more!

*Each pack includes 12 Shopkins and 2 glittery lanterns to hang and display your collection

*Each pack includes 5 Shopkins and 1 glittery lantern to hang and display your collection

*Each pack includes 2 Shopkins, hidden inside 2 present boxes Look out for the Limited Edition Hollywood Party Shopkins!

*Sells for about $28


How about a nice collectors case to store all the Shopkins/Topkins toys?


Shopkins season 7 Join the party Mega pack & Season 7 collectors case Including Blizy Flashlight Keychain




















*Sells for about $39

*Other storage boxes/containers sold separately.