Star Wars Action Figures 1999-Present


Since the release of Episode 1 (The Phantom Menace), in 1999, there has been a re-resurgence in Star Wars collectible toy marketing.   The action figures are 3.75 inches without bendable joints, but these figures are much better looking/articulated than their predecessors.  Mold making techniques have improved over the years, and at some time, Hasbro took over Kenner for the toy production.

The new action figures had a Commtech Chip that came with them. Robotic sounding quotes from the movie, would play when the chip was placed in the reader.   Episode 1 action figures came in 3 separate waves; Collection 1, Collection 2, and Collection 3.

Surprisingly, the Battle Droids were very articulated with bendable joints, which made the figure alone stand out from the rest.



Here is the back of the card for episode one figures:



Moving on to Episode 2, Attack of the Clones:

Articulation, accessories, and small vehicles  are now includes with some action figures.  A prime example is the Clone Trooper:

At this point, Hasbro was recreating toys from previous movies and making them better.  Here is one of my favorites from The Empire Strikes Back:


It’s definitely worth it if it comes with an electronic C-3PO!


Another highly popular series is the 6 inch, Black Series.  Very detailed, articulate, and a more expensive, but worth every penny for a Star Wars collector. These are on sale now through major toy retailers…








The Tie fighter pilot shown on the left, and Luke Skywalker on the right.  Check out the detail!

At around $20 +, these 6 inch figures almost look like models.  Expect them to appreciate in value over the next decade.

You can pick between an aging Han Solo, or a Younger one, between Wave 1, and 2 of the Black Series.


Rogue One Action Figures

These also come as 3.75 inch action figures:


*Compare and watch for deals on individual characters and sets like the one shown above.


Introducing the Daddy/Mama of all newest action figures:  The 31 inch action figure by Jakks Pacific.


Well…I had to make the picture look almost as big as the actual size, but it’s still doesn’t measure up to the real thing.  This is for the serious collector, as these figures can sell for $40-$100, or more.

There are also the Jumbo 12 and 1/2 inch Jumbo action figures from Kenner (Hasbro), which are cool 3D printed toys…Expensive and rare, I suppose.  Here is a re-make from an older, 3 and 3/4 inch toy.


I  had to add this figure to the list of new toys…It’s just too strange to pass up.


Meet the Bandai Tamashi Nations Movie Realization Ashigaru Storm Trooper “Star Wars” action figure.





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