Three Weeks of Renovations-Please be Patient


This site is undergoing an overhaul to make it more aesthetically pleasing…  I have been listening to the comments of fans, who have been mentioning page overruns, spelling errors, etc.. All of this is being worked on, plus I am going to set up a mailing list form to make it easier to communicate between you and me.  The problem with words going off the page with Internet Explorer is still a mystery.  I will be looking into that very shortly.

So far, I have corrected half of the spelling and grammar errors.  You will see changes on this site every day,

so please bear with me!


Faster page load times will take a bit longer to fix… I would probably have to upgrade my web hosting plan…


September 5/ 2017

  • Updated the theme to show a variety of colors, and better background splash.  New fonts.
  • RSS feed added. (bottom right of main page.)


September 2/ 2017

  • Renamed LEGO SECTION to BUILDING BLOCK SECTION under menus. (All building blocks such, as LEGO, Kre-O, DUPLO, etc..)
  • Will be installing enhanced theme very soon for better colors, and fonts.


August 23/ 2017

  • Tweaking page loading times… Please advise me if you are getting better performance than before.
  • Corrected spelling and grammar errors.
  • Created subscription form for mailing list.
  • Contact email added at footer section of main page.


August 24/ 2017

Apparently my blog is rife with spelling errors, but I’m running out of time for proof reading it.  I’m going on 5 days vacation, so you will have to suffer a little bit and put up with my awful spelling.