Torch My Blazin Dragon, Bootsie Kitty, and Pax the Poopin’ Pup


Torch’s eye lids move, and his mouth opens. He has 50 + sound and motion combinations.  Mist comes out of his mouth and a red light shines to indicate he is breathing fire.   He has spikes and horns on his head, and has a soft blue fur.  If you press the logo on his chest, it activates a steam mist.  He takes 4, C batteries.

There is a little squeeze bottle to add to Torch, through a hole in his head…You can move the horn on his head to add water to his internal tank, so he could spray out mist.  He also comes with a color changing marshmallow on a stick.  You put the marshmallow in his mouth when while hitting his chest button, and the marshmallow will react to the steam.

His ears flip and wiggle, and his ears move.   Ages 4+



Bootsie, reacts like a normal cat.  She has moods, which can be good or bad.   She meows and purrs, and reacts to touch and she also loves being cuddled and fed.  For ages 4+  When she is angry, she has a grumpy cat look to her.  *Warning: There is no volume control to her noises, and her light sensor/motion sensor will go off if you walk by her, or turn on room lights.


Here are her features:


Max the Poopin’  Pup:

This toy is aimed at children who wish to have the real thing later on in life.  Just think:  No big mess to clean up when you take this dog for a walk.   Feed him some treats, and you will hear him make munching, gulping sounds.   Walk him for a bit, then pull back his leash, and he will poop out his snacks.  (still in the same form.)   Of course, you will have a doggie bag to clean up the snacks, to be re-used later.

Tip:  Don’t give a real living dog re-usable snacks… you will just make the poor thing sick.

For ages 4 and up, comes with 2 part leash, doggie bag, 9 treats, and his Furreal Friends dog tag.   He also  makes a farting sound when you pull back on his leash.  He may not walk well on a super-smooth surface, so try different areas of your home.