Weird, Strange, and Really Cool Action Figures


I couldn’t wait to begin with the first entry in the Action Figure column of the main menu.  This will be a review of some of the newest action figures for 2016-2017.   Just a heads up… Beware of weird action figures.  This article isn’t about shocking you, but to let you know what’s out there.


1. Vitruvian Man.    This toy is made by Japanese toy maker Max Factory, which is a re-make of the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing, showing perfect anatomical measurements, such as distance from elbow to armpit.  Feel free to knit him a pair of underwear if you feel it’s easier on the eyes while drawing him in different poses.   Oh, I forgot to mention the price tag for this toy is $989










2.  Action Obama

This is from a Japanese website, but it is a “Must Have” for political action figure collectors.










3.   The Muppets “Animal” figure and drum set. 

I’m not trying to knock this toy.  Animal was one of my favorites, but the only problem with this is: His drum kit parts easily fall apart, (even on a flat surface.)









4.  Very Real Mr. Spock

Absolute perfection.  For a 6 inch figure, is the price worth $70?    Let’s take a further look into this fascinating toy from a company called Mezco.  This Spock figure has changeable hands which allows him to display his famous, “live long and prosper” gesture.  He comes with accessories and an extra head, which obviously has a different expression.  Take a closer look and you can see his skin pores.

For a Trekkie, this is not just a toy, but a valuable collectors item.






5. Star Wars 12″ Storm Trooper Action Figure.

Finally an action figure that lights up, talks, makes sound effects, (more than 70)  and has motion sensors.

Sells for about $30.