Weird, Stupendous, or Just Stupid Star Wars Toys


Death Star Beach Ball

Not just any beach ball, this one has LED’s  which uses a button cell battery for power. Unfortunately, the battery won’t work forever, which will make the Death Star look pretty much…dead in the dark.




Uncle Milton’s Death Star Planetarium


This is what we’ve always dreamed of…having our own planetarium in our rooms at night.  Make sure there is a light bulb in it and it works. The planet images that show on your ceiling look nothing like in the picture.  Light bulbs apparently burn out quickly.  Cheap.




Rebel Space Craft Flight Lab


Propeller is attached to an electric powered motor, and there are other paper ship designs to choose from. Flimsy, and cheap looking.




The Force


Definitely Stupendous in size. It may not have it’s own action figure, but it is always present.  Some people actually sell this on E-Bay.




Yoda Plush Toy


Who doesn’t love plush toys?  The thing is, this one has a weird eye that sticks out.




The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask


The most hilarious Star Wars item ever made.   When you open his mouth slightly, he makes a light roar, and when his mouth opens more, he makes a louder roar. You are in control of his moving mouth.  It’s a better fit for smaller heads, but it is somewhat adjustable.  If you need to change the batteries, the battery compartment is easy to get to.

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